Highlights from Tuesday, Mar 29, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

HELP   Here's the link to SpendYourself.org we mentioned.

If you missed the most powerful story Louie Giglio told, we re-lived it this morning. It's the story behind the Chris Tomlin song, "I Lift My Hands."

LISTEN   Here's the story as Chris and Louie told it on last Thursday's show.

SING   Here's a link to purchase the song and / or the record.

Congratulations to Jozelle in St. Petersburg, winner of a trip for two to Atlanta on The JOY FM Dove Party Bus!

LISTEN   We called Jozelle to give her the good news (Bill tried to string her along, but she called us out)!

LISTEN   Jozelle called her cousin to surprise her with an invitation to join her.

RIDE   Just in case there is a seat or two left, you can reserve your spot!

Laughing and learning: Dave had some info on Starbucks we didn't already know, and Carmen wanted us to meet her hairdresser, Carlos, and hear a hilarious story.

LISTEN   First, Carlos and the story of his new equine alarm clock.

LISTEN   You may be a patron of designer coffee and know Starbucks is 40, but did you know this?