Highlights from Tuesday, Mar 22, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's tax season. For accountants, that means extra hours and a few sleepless nights. For many others, it means nightmares! For Dave's mom, who lost her husband last December, it meant a very interesting dream. (It might help to know that Dave's dad was an accountant!)

LISTEN   Dave told the story of his mom's surprising dream about her late husband.

GET HELP   Here's the official site for getting answers on filing your taxes.

Louie Giglio told it in Hope and Fruitcake and Ice Cream, and we shared Ashley's story last year. But just recently we got an e-mail that changed the ending of this tragic-yet-hopeful tale.

LISTEN   Hear Ashley's original e-mail to Louie Giglio.

LISTEN   Ashley's mom wrote Louie of Ashley's death...and new life.

LISTEN   Ashley's dad wrote too. And the end of the story WASN'T the end of the story!

Among e-readers, Kindle stands at the top of the heap. Unfortunately for Bill the "heap" Kindle on deskis just where his frozen Kindle is about to wind up (until it's refurbished).

LISTEN   Bill described the dilemma that was apparently caused by a lighted cover.

LISTEN   This caller doesn't have problems with her reader...since it's a BOOK!

READ   Here are some others who have had similar problems.