Highlights from Friday, Mar 18, 2011

Friday, March 18, 2011

What a great example of the church being what she needs to be for the people of Japan!

Danny Iverson, who grew up in Japan, talked with us this morning about efforts to bring ground-level, grass roots relief and hope.

LEARN MORE   Here's Danny's website, where you can give, get informed and go! 

LISTEN  Bill met Danny and asked about his connections in Japan and plans for a short-term relief trip there.

LISTEN  Danny detailed the trip and said he wanted to offer not just physical relief, but hope through acts of mercy and the grace-giving Gospel of God's love in Jesus Christ.

Carmen mentioned that The Revolve Tour for teenage girls is in The JOY FM listening area this weekend. Here's the link.

Dave Cruse LOVES scented candles about as much as Carmen loves Star The Man Can CandleWars trivia--which ain't much!

LISTEN  This 13 year old kid has developed a new line of candles for men: Man Cans!

SEE  Here's an Ohio area news video where you can meet the kid behind the can.

Oh, and Dave has been fruifully muliplying (hang on...) as he adds to his family tree with online research.

LISTEN   It was a gift from his wife, and it keeps on giving.

ROOT   Here's the link to the online genealogy place.