Highlights from Thursday, Mar 17, 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Besides forgetting to wear green, Bill actually contributed something positive to the show: a little historical perspective on St. Paddy:

LISTEN   Abducted at 16, Patrick found his calling to the very land he was forced to serve as a slave.

Of course, Japan was on our heart and mind. And today, in the background, we tried to be a "drop in a bucket" to help.

LISTEN   Bill made the appeal for people to text to give to World Vision.

GIVE   Here's The JOY FM's page for Japan earthquake and tsunami relief.

READ   This blog is from one of World Vision's folks who is living through this disaster in Japan.

What a MOON!  Lately, the moon has been big and bright, but not as bright as it's going to be!

LISTEN   Dave gave us info on Saturday's expected phenomenon, a "super moon."

LISTEN   Your kids will be amazed if you take the time to view it, says this caller.

SEE   Learn what you need to know to view Saturday's sight.

Having a rough day? Not as rough as this poor guy: LISTEN.