Highlights from Tuesday, Mar 15, 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You have a chance to win Chris Tomlin tickets to his sold-out show, IF you're willing to temporarily adopt a new fashion: THE BOWL CUT!

WATCH   Chris Tomlin himself inspired the style with this cameo appearance in a comedy-dou video that played for leaders at a Catalyst event.

ENTER   Here are the contest details.

LISTEN   Katie was not too thrilled when she found out what she had to do.

LISTEN  This contest is open to everyone; however, this Jamaican caller had a question.

STYLE IT!  Here's a website where you'll find beautiful bowls for black people!

LISTEN   Jason won two tickets to the Manatee Civic Center show by having his wife finish the phrase of a Chris Tomlin song in The Morning Cruise version of "Singing Bee."

This little girl will steal your heart! The video has been out there a while, but we haven't shared it with our audience until today. Check it out!

WATCH   See this clip from The Bonnie Hunt Show that talks through the 911 call with 5 year old Savannah!


Over the last two days, we've mentioned a couple of great phone apps (and / or websites) that will help you pursue a healthier lifestyle.

Check out the RunKeeper app that Carmen mentioned or the MyFitnessPal app Bill started using.