Highlights from Friday, Mar 11, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011

As we are often reminded, life is fragile, and things can change in an instant. This morning, we woke to news of a record-setting undersea quake off the coast of Japan, a tsunami-creating event that subsequently flooded Japan's coastal cities. 

We followed the news, as Hawaii braced for the tsunami and the U.S. West Coast stirred and evacuated "inundation zones." News of California damage continues at the time of this post.

Bill has had first-hand experience in relief and rebuiding after a tsunami. As The JOY FM's representative to India following the 2004 Southeast Asia Tsunami, Bill has traveled to the fishing villages three times to report on a building project funded by JOY FM listeners.

LISTEN   Hear what Bill was reminided of as the news swept in today. 

WATCH  Bill has an entire blog-site set up with videos and info on Homes of Hope.India - Seawall made of concrete