Highlights from Friday, Feb 25, 2011

Friday, February 25, 2011

We had the conversation earlier this week, but today girls were starting to admit that, like Carmen, they love, love, love the new slimming tank tops!

LISTEN   Dave reacted to Carmen's "oversharing," then this caller found them in Gainesville and was not shy about admitting she loves them.

LISTEN   Here's what got this topic started, a conversation with Mary, the Money Savin' Momma.

BUY   (We get NO kickback on this!) Here's where you can find Suddenly Skinny tanks.

"Lordy, lor..." (STOP!) Carmen didn't want the typical "turning 40" teases this morning. And who would tease a woman who is running the Disney Princess Half-Marathon on her birthday? Today, we met two of Carmen's co-princesses, Fawn and Alissa.

LISTEN  The girls talk about how they got together for Sunday's race and just how excited (and a little nervous) they are.

LISTEN   We called Kellie, Carmen's long-time friend and co-princess, for a checkup and a word of encouragement.

The perfect marriage doesn't exist. But you can always improve yours, as Bill reported after the Love and Respect marriage conference at his church. Today, he found new research suggesting a link between a healty relationship and getting smarter.

LISTEN  It was pretty tongue-in-cheek (no pun intended), but the research commends holding hands and kissing to improve your mental sharpness. 

LEARN   Here's the book Bill mentioned (NOT the source of the research) that is also the basis of the marriage conference.

GET HELP   If your marriage is struggling, these friends of The JOY FM may be able to help.