Highlights from Thursday, Feb 24, 2011

Thursday, February 24, 2011

In case you missed them, Building 429 were on with us Tuesday. We met the band, learned about their families, heard new songs from Listen to the B429Sound, and shared admiration for basketball and MIKESCHAIR.

LISTEN   It's a band roll call... and one of 'em (Aaron) is a surgery tech!

LISTEN   Jesse lost his mom recently. We all related to the experience of loss and the words to Building 429's song"Where I Belong."

LISTEN   Lead singer Jason Roy has many talents; among them, basketball!

HEAR   The title song from their new record, Listen to the Sound.

WATCH   The video of their Red Room live performance at The JOY FM: "I Won't Back Down."

Carmen was captivated by the John and Stasi Eldredge book Captivating.

LISTEN   Hear how she discovered it and why it captivated her.

LISTEN   Women can be really hard on themselves and each other.

LISTEN   Our daughters need this book!

READ   Here's the link to Captivating.

Do you have any experience with small town, southern churches? How about awkward moments in your church service?

LISTEN   Dave will transport you to his southern church and an awkward moment.