Highlights from Wednesday, Feb 16, 2011

February 16, 2011

Here's what you missed today:

It's that time again! Girl Scout cookies have hit the streets, shopping centers, schools, etc. What's the best GS cookie? Carmen and Bill vote for Thin Mints.

LISTEN  There's a reason they don't last long in the Martin home or anywhere.

LISTEN  There's a APP for that!!!

APP   And, here it is (for your iPhone).

Got a droid, blackberry or another smartphone? You'll have to search for your app. Sorry, but that's teh way the cookie crumbles (hee hee)!


With several of our staff and families battling coughs these days, Carmen brought an old home remedy to our attention.

LISTEN   Lots of folks have used cod liver oil. Some love it; some don't!

LISTEN   Kris P. Kreme needs to take some!

With the announcement of Dove Award nominations, a memory of last year's backstage media room was stirred up. For Bill, it was especially painful!

LISTEN   Bill had to re-live the "ninth floor please" moment when he tried to ask Amy a question.

LISTEN  Here's the back story.