Highlights from Tuesday, Feb 15, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Carmen was out today caring for a sick daughter, so Dave schemed away at a breakfast stunt that will likely make her cringe, involving Kris P. Kreme a road trip and raw meat. 

LISTEN  Cooking on your engine block is nothing new (for anyone but Bill).

LISTEN   It's not new for Kris either, so all we needed was a recipe!

COOK  Here's the book Dave was reading from and bought.

Taking a road trip can be a blast, but remembering it over 12 years later is something! That experience awaits those who get on The Dove Bus this April!

LISTEN   Dave wanted to talk with someone from the original Dove bus in the late '90s.

SIGN UP   Find out all about The Dove Bus, and be Atlanta-bound yourself this April.

Did you hear about the TV news reporter in L.A. who couldn't pronounce words correctly after the Grammy's?

LISTEN   There was lots of speculation, none of it accurate.

WATCH   See her report.

LEARN   Visit her page on CBS2 to get first-hand info. (Thanks for praying for her, whatever this was!)


Extra:  We talked about Esperanza Spalding, the Grammy winner who beat Justin Bieber for Best New Artist 2011. See her White House performance by clicking here.