Highlights from Friday, Feb 11, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

With Valentine's Day coming on Monday, stories of love and romance willstrawberries abound. But real love stories--unaffected, not showy or posed--will be hard to find. We found one this morning. 

LISTEN   Dave told the story of his dad's strawberries. You have to hear this one.

Wedding planning can be expensive and exclusive. Not anymore, especially if you love technology! (Now put your thinking cap on.)

LISTEN  Dave found TWO new technological advances that promise to improve your wedding and that head full of mush you call your brain.

PLAN  Here's the link to the Google wedding site.

WATCH  Bill found a National Geographic video report on the "thinking cap."


Two more videos worth watching:

WATCH   Here's the link for RED on CONAN earlier this week.

WATCH   If you haven't see it already, check out Josh Wilson live in our studios performing "Shine On Us" from his new record, See You.

Last Minute: Here's the link to the scientific proof that the toilet paper should roll off the top, not the bottom (DISCLAIMERS: 1. Pardon that pun; it was unintentional; 2. We are not responsible for this page and do not endorse any of its content.)