Highlights from Thursday, Feb 10, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2010

NIV, NASB, ESV, The Message, NKJV--these are just some of the dizzying abbreviations of Bible translations in the typical bookstore today. Which one should you choose?

LISTEN   Dave, Bill and Carmen provided a little friendly guidance on choosing a translation.NLT logo

LISTEN   Carmen is reading the NLT version as she Reads the Bible with Bill this year; recently, she got new life from an old familiar passage in the NT (New Testament)!

COMPARE   Here's the online Bible site that has so many translations.

SEE  The version Carmen and Bill said they like so much, the NLT.

DO IT!  Read the Bible with Bill Martin

We had some fun this morning too! In fact, Bill's call to Jayar wanting his "coaching" to be hipper and cooler got picked up and played!

LISTEN   Bill wasn't exactly happy this desperate plea made it onto Jayar's show (and our show).

LISTEN   But, it cracked these callers up!

LISTEN   Dave "schooled" Bill on where the perception might be coming from.

LISTEN   Carmen's Aunt Bea is in town, or more correctly, she BROUGHT "town" with her to the big city.