Highlights from Tuesday, Feb 08, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The cover came off The Morning Cruise today, as Carmen revealed that Jayar is pulling in lots of 18-34 year old listeners in the afternoon, more than we are in the mornings.

LISTEN   She decided to take this directly to our audience (is nothing sacred?) and put the show on the hot seat!

LISTEN  A caller quickly came to our defense, but we're a skeptical bunch!

LISTEN   Dave turned to his son, Jaymes, to try to get in the head of the "hip, young people."

LISTEN   Youtube? Really? Watch vids all day (not "videos," of course).

LISTEN  Another listener staged an intervention, telling us the problem was the staging music we use.

LISTEN  Carmen and Dave explained why this whole subject is important, as Bill offered a Jayar Toby Zobycounterpoint to the above caller.

LISTEN   FINALLY! Jayar joined the conversation (though he wasn't quite awake). That's him in between Ben Zobrist and TobyMac.

LISTEN Carmen pointed out the difference between Bill and Jayar, who sat awkwardly.

LISTEN  Jayar and Bill tried to demonstrate what a younger, hipper show would feel like.