Highlights from Monday, Feb 07, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

We should start out with proper honors: Happy 48th Birthday, Dave Cruse! Dave gave us a little-known fact about the Darth Vader kid and opened a very special present.

LISTEN  One of his favorite Super Bowl ads was the Darth Vader kid--did you know about this young actor's condition and where some of his money is going?

LISTEN   What says "we honor you" more than elephant dung? Really. Check it out.

More on the Super Bowl in a minute; first, folks were calling,Carmen's Vitamin A wanting to know what kind of vitamin A Carmen mentioned. The picture on the right is what she bought.

LISTEN  Carmen brought up her struggle with plantar warts, something she fought and fought, until eventually a simple vitamin thereapy cured her!

LISTEN  Now, Carmen's dentist knows ALL about how the vitamin A cured her condition. A condition HE doesn't have!

Finally, some folks watched the Super Bowl at home, with family and a few friends. Others, like Bill, watched it at home, with family and LOTS of friends who weren't there!

LISTEN   Tweeting your Super Bowl experience can be a lot of fun!