Highlights from Thursday, Feb 03, 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011

It started with Carmen's attempt to retrieve missing cookies, escalated into a corporate intervention and resulted in a relationship marked by an anniversary! 

LISTEN   Here's the back story on the cookie fiasco that started the whole thing. 

LISTEN   Here's Norm, calling to celebrate! We celebrated the redemptive theme this story highlighted. 

This weekend's Super Bowl will inspire more than just great athletic feats. Years from now, Troys or Clays (or Aarons or Bens) will discover the origin of their names.

LISTEN  Bill asked Carmen where she got names for her girls, and here's why.

LISTEN  This girl grew up around Aaron Rodgers, Packers' quarterback.

LISTEN  A caller's attempt to name her baby "Brett" years ago brought out the story of a believing wife praying for her now infamous husband.