Highlights from Wednesday, Feb 02, 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhog day. So what? Do we really put much stock in a burrowing rodent who "can't see" his shadow on a day when flights are being canceled and the sun calls HSN to order a Snuggie? Apparently so. Enjoy the early spring!

LISTEN   This local doctor throws a groundhog party, complete with cake!

By popular demand (and 'cause we missed her), we got hold of our friend Phoebe. Of course, "got hold of" may not be entirely accurate:

LISTEN   We weren't the only ones who missed Phoebe.

LISTEN   She got Carmen!

Have you ever had a knock, knock, knock at the front door JUST as you got ready to hit the sack, pajamas on and makeup off? Good thing we have e-mail now, isn't it.

LISTEN   A call to Carmen's Mac made things worse, not better!