Highlights from Tuesday, Feb 01, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The restaurant had a very full menu, just nothing that Carmen wanted; so, she "improvised" a little vegetable medley that caused, well, an international incident.

LISTEN  Dave and Bill performed a brotherly intervention this morning.

LISTEN  This caller took up Carmen's side of the controversy.

Mr. Handyman he's not, but Bill did manage to get his head around the toilet yesterday (figuratively speaking, of course), and he may have hit something.

LISTEN  The small success at fixing the toilet has given Bill delusions of DIY.

LISTEN  Dave has another project for all of us: a real space-maker in the garage!

SEE   Here's the item Dave was describing.

It was out of her routine, but Carmen just had to stop this morning to tell two cops she appreciated their service to us.

LISTEN  Here's a little encouragement all of us can give.