Highlights from Monday, Jan 31, 2011

Monday, January 31, 2011

We started the show on a serious note, because that family tragedy that happened here over the weekend was just a few blocks from Carmen's house.

LISTEN   Carmen's daughter was a classmate of Beau, the 13 year old boy.

READ  Here's the story. Please pray for Parker, the dad.

Just like life, we found lots of laughs for the rest of the show. Dave found a list of official state drinks, which, for the most part, made sense (orange juice for Florida, for instance). One state stood out from the rest.

LISTEN   (Hint) It's the state Carmen was raised in!

Carmen, the queen of TMI, ran nine miles over the weekend! Isn't that great? Couldn't she have just left it at that? No, she couldn't, because there was this little "problem" she danced all around. (That was part of the problem. She was dancing all around.) 

LISTEN   What's a runner supposed to do when he or she has to... stop?

LISTEN   This caller has experience. Real, roadside experience.

Since the show was down the drain so quickly, Bill followed with one of his legendary "handyman" stories.

LISTEN  Bill, you should have called a plumber.

And Dave had a lovely walk with Emilie over the weekend--a lovely, compulsory, she's-not-enjoying-this type walk!

LISTEN  It's only January. Surely he has time to make it up.