Highlights from Friday, Jan 28, 2011

Friday, January 28, 2011

Dave surprised us today with a very touching e-mail from his brother-in-law. We weren't the first ones surprised, though.

LISTEN   Hear why Dave was caught a bit off guard when he read this.

LISTEN   This caller helped bring out Dave's softer side... with a little PR from Carmen.

We all put off making appointments for certain things: the dentist, the eyeCool glasses at SEE doctor. Speaking of eye appointments, Carmen realized she needed new glasses.

LISTEN   She was really shocked to realize how long it had been!

LISTEN   Carmen found a very hip store.

And, for good measure, a bit 'o fun with Catch Phrase:

LISTEN  Joey hasn't heard the words "you're a winner" since Carmen broke up with him.

If you were looking for Dave's wife's chicken croquettes recipe, try yesterday's show highlights.