Highlights from Tuesday, Jan 25, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First, we pay tributed to Sgt. Thomas Baitinger, 48, and Jeffrey Yaslowitz, a 39-year-old K-9 officer, both St. Petersburg police officers who were shot and killed yesterday on a "routine" warrant delivery.

LISTEN   There was nothing "routine" about it, as Carmen said.

LISTEN  This caller agreed, as did many for whom this tragedy was "close to home," but she found comfort and encouragement in The JOY FM.

Because we have had so much great music to celebrate lately, we wanted to give some of it away, so we played our signature "Catch Phrase, Morning Cruise Edition...(whatever Carmen adds to the title)."

LISTEN   This caller won three Brandon Heath CDs, with no thanks to Bill!

You'll find links to two funds for our fallen officers on our Facebook page. You'll also find pictures from Brandon's live appearance here last Tuesday. These are pro shots by Ezekiel, and boy, do they look good!

LISTEN  ...with one exception, according to Carmen.

LISTEN    Do you think the guys have a point here, or not even a prayer?

LOOK!   Here's a link to Ezekiel's Photography in Central Florida