Highlights from Monday, Jan 24, 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011

After choosing sides for the Super Bowl, we majored on two things this morning: reading and running! First...

LISTEN  Dave had a proud-dad moment with his youngest son, but now he has no truck to get home from work!

And, on to the Marathon we go:   

LISTEN   Carmen has now run 8 miles, but not without fighting an inner-battle; it's the "head game" that she has to win in order to run this half-marathon.

LISTEN  Inspired by Carmen, this caller has already completed a half-marathon!

Reading the Bible is like a marathon, and Carmen finished her first leg over the weekend:

READ  See what brought tears as Carmen finished the book of Genesis.

LISTEN  Hear her tell about it.

READ  Read the Bible with Bill Martin

LISTEN   The Joseph story climaxes with a very moving verse.