Highlights from Thursday, Jan 20, 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The new season of American Idol debuted last night, with some excited, but many skeptical of the new judges and a worn-out way of finding real talent.

LISTEN  Dave wasn't the only one predicting that the post-Simon era would tank the show.

READ  Early TV ratings were in, and the show was still strong, but not as...

Hungry? We weren't until Dave decided to acknowledge National Potluck (is it potluck up north?) Day.

LISTEN  Everybody has a dish. Even northerners.

LISTEN  This northerner (if she is one) has a dish.

(She called back. She's a northerner.)

The dinner table is sometimes about more than food. Bill tries to use it for family devotions and instruction... if the peanut gallery would JUST stop!

LISTEN  Feel better about your own failing efforts, dad! Hear Bill's Bible Disaster.