Highlights from Tuesday, Jan 18, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A BIG day for Brandon Heath: today was "release day" of Leaving Eden CD Coverhis third CD, Leaving Eden. Since Brandon is like family, we knew our audience would want the scoop on the songs, so we played every song on Leaving Eden and let Brandon tell us about each song...

...Well, almost. Of course, Dave, Bill and Carmen had their OWN takes on the songs. They divided up their favorites and butchered shared throughts on the songs with Brandon:

LISTEN   First, a little history, from the first time we heard of some new artistBrandon and The Morning Cruise - Leaving Eden named "Brandon Heath" and how special he has become since then.

LISTEN   Carmen and Bill had a little spat over who would talk with Brandon about the title track, "Leaving Eden"

WATCH  See a live version of the hit song "Your Love" on Brandon's website. 

LISTEN   Dave talked with Brandon about his favorite line in "The Light in Me."

LISTEN  Bill "dissected" his first favorite, the ballad "Only Water."

LISTEN  You may have seen Brandon bust a move to this one: "Stolen"

LISTEN  Dave and Carmen were there when Brandon recorded "The Young Life Song," or, as Brandon calls it, "Might Just Save Your Life."

LISTEN  Brandon and Carmen are both Young Lifers and wanted to plug that great organization.

LISTEN  Carmen calls it "Jesus Fast Asleep," but the real name is "It's Alright."

LISTEN  For a lot of reasons, "It's No Good To Be Alone" is one of Carmen's favorites.

LISTEN  "The Avatar Song." Really? (We're sorry Brandon; we're ruining this CD, aren't we?") Actually the song is called "Now More than Ever." And Dave thinks he knows what it REALLY means... hmmm.....

LISTEN  So, did Brandon agree with Dave?????

LISTEN Bill's thrills are... different... like the descending scale and the pedal tone in "The One," a musical setting that really brings out the message of the song.

LISTEN  It's kind of a long story, but you really need to hear why we call "As Long As I'm Here," the final song on Leaving Eden, "The Astronaut Song."