Highlights from Friday, Jan 14, 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

The guy who sings "Let the Waters Rise," and "Keep Changing the World" joined us on the Cruise today: Mike Grayson of MIKESCHAIR was here!

LISTEN  He got upstaged by his sister with this phone call!Mike of MIKESCHAIR and The Morning Cruise

LISTEN  Dave told Mike how his logo-drumsticks went global just a few weeks ago.

LISTEN  Mike helped a listener win "Mimi's with Mike" by playing a round of "Catch Phrase: Morning Cruise Edition with MIKESCHAIR, Giving Away Prizes that Start with an M, or Thereabout."

SEE   MIKESCHAIR will be at the Manatee County Fair SUNDAY NIGHT! Click the link for details

LISTEN  Talking about the Fair, Bill was reminded that even "freaks" deserve some respect.

Before Mike got in, we had a little fun of our own: 

LISTEN  Carmen needed a soundtrack to train for the half marathon. Since "Couch to 5K" doesn't go that far, Dave, Bill and Kris DID!