Highlights from Tuesday, Jan 11, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2010


An old Bible filled with notes and hand-written lessons: that might be your legacy. It was just part of the legacy Dave's dad left.


LISTEN   Here's the story of Dave's dad's Bible, as Carmen and Bill heard it at the memorial service.


LISTEN   The Bible was part of a legacy of faith and character Dave's dad left -- it made us all think about our own legacy.


READ   Here's the World Magazine article Bill mentioned on the faith of several victims in the Arizona shooting (Note: We're not saying that only Christians should be remembered! This was just an article that caught Bill's attention, giving a different perspective on the tragedy.)

We asked a (not so) simple question to win tickets to Lunch on Lido with Brandon Heath next Tuesday: "What un-expected award is sitting on his shelf right now?"

LISTEN   After several wrong answers, including "Best Dad" and "Eagle Scout,: we have a winner!!


Exercise is the #1 source for happy feelings, according to recent, corroborating research. Carmen is happy to talk about all the running she's doing lately, but she needs a better conversation partner.


LISTEN   Carmen calles her partners out and draws a line.


LISTEN   Bill tries to recover... right.


LISTEN   Kris, Carmen and a caller have a good convo on running!!