Highlights from Thursday, Jan 06, 2011

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A couple of days ago, he was just "another homeless guy" on a streetcorner with a cardboard sign. Today, he's the most demanded pro-voice in the country. Dave and Bill wanted you to know the story of Ted Williams.

LISTEN   Hear the story of how a viral video changed Ted Williams's life.

LISTEN   Today, he is being courted by several big companies for his voice talents (Audio courtesy of CBS's The Early Show with Erica Hill and Chris Wragge.)

WATCH  See Ted on The Early Show as he is overwhelmed by what's happened to him and thanks God for his change of fate.

Christian families are being sought by the State of Florida Baptist Children's Homes LogoFlorida to be foster famlies. Today, Sheri Battles of Florida Baptist Children's Homes told us how we can make a difference.

LISTEN  Carmen was amazed to hear that FBCH was in demand by the State.

LISTEN  Sheri told us why the need and opportunities are so big.

LISTEN  Sheri cleared up some mis-perceptions about fostering.

LISTEN  Bill asked about the details of becoming a foster family.

LISTEN  Another mis-perception about fostering:

LISTEN  Interested? Find out what the NEXT STEP is.

FIND OUT  Visit FBCH's website to get first-hand information.