Highlights from Wednesday, Jan 05, 2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just when you wondered if the next generation would carry on the legacy of faith or lose it, Passion conferences arrived, teaching and motivating thousands of students to not only believe in Jesus Christ, but to live for Him.

LISTEN   Carmen caught Louie Giglio's message live from Passion 2011 on carrying a name.

LISTEN   She also watched as the story of Theresa was told and turned into action, the church acting like the church! 

And now for something completely different: with Brandon Heath coming to town on his release-date for Leaving Eden, we wanted to give someone a special opportunity to be at the Lunch on Lido.

LISTEN   Karaoke with Carmen contestant #1 is at a loss (it is Carmen's singing)?

LISTEN   Karaoke with Carmen contestant #2 sings (good enough) for his lunch!

Dave's boys have a dilemma: What do you do if someone gives you tickets to see your favorite team (from the nosebleed section), but offers you a $200.00 choice?

LISTEN   Dave made his choice clear, but it wasn't his choice!