Highlights from Monday, Jan 03, 2011

Monday, January 3, 2011

We know that a habit of daily Bible reading can be life-changing, so why don't we do it? Bill thinks the self-expectation of perfection works against our success. 

LISTEN   How perfectionism can destroy your spiritual-growth efforts. 

JOIN US  Here's the website where you can choose a reading plan and jump in!

Carmen got to see a teen's life changed last week at Young Life camp in North Carolina.

LISTEN  Hear the story of how a hard heart softened and a dead heart came alive.

LISTEN   In the meantime, Carmen continued her training for the half-marathon she's planning to run in February.

You may be starting the year with unfinished business or a long to-do list. Despite the fact that he was the only one on The Morning Cruise working last week, Dave checked off several things.

LISTEN  They went to Universal Studios for one ride, and stood in line all day! 

LISTEN  Dave even found the time to install a car stereo.