Highlights from Friday, Dec 10, 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010

We call it "Carmen's Favorite Things!" Each year, Carmen brings in some items she likes that would make great presents for someone you know and love. Today, she offered three of her favorite things as prizes (Click on the pictures for a larger view, and thanks to Rusty Crickett's Coastal Cottage):

Favorite Things - Journal


First, she offered a leather devotional journal to a caller who could answer some Oswald Chambers trivia questions

LISTEN   This caller got close, but no Oswald!

LISTEN   She may have had help, but she got it!

Next, Carmen put up a watch that she chose because it resembles theFavorite things - watch watch that a certain movie star wore in her portrayal of a certain southern woman (who reminds us a lot of Carmen herself):

LISTEN   Hear who this certain woman is and who won (with a bit of grace) the watch.

Favorite things - flirtiesCarmen saved the best for last: a pair of "Flirties" earrings for the guy with the story of the most pathetic Christmas gift for his girl:

LISTEN   The stories came in on Facebook; this guy took the cake ... and the earrings.