Highlights from Tuesday, Dec 07, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bill talked about a Christmas gift that makes a difference. Here are some links to organizations thatUgandan necklaces offer gifts that have the extra impact of rescuing women from poverty, trafficking or other social injustices.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE   Here are the necklaces from Mosaic Peace!

MAKE A DIFFERENCE   Here are some cool scarves from Mocha Club.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE   Here are Blood:Water Mission's Christmas ornaments.

LISTEN   Making a difference can give your Christmas a new, meaningful dimension!

Next year, The JOY FM will celebrate 25 years of helping make a difference in so many lives, but we wanted to start the celebration today!

LISTEN   We played (really!) Name That Tune: Carmen Christmas Edition. She had to learn how to play the kazoo in order to give the clue.

LISTEN   This contestant guessed the song correctly (we're not sure how)!

Tomorrow, we'll post the conversation with Amy Grant. Meantime, she's coming to town THIS WEEK for some concerts:

SEE  Here's her 12 Days of Christmas Florida concert schedule!