Highlights from Monday, Dec 06, 2010

Monday December 6, 2010Screwtape letters

Carmen talked about reading The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis.

LISTEN   Hear what she had to say

LEARN  See how this work of fiction teaches us truth about the Christian Life (Note: this is a pdf document from a Lutheran pastor, and it's excellen)!

In addition to his phenomenal new record, The Story of Your Life, Matthew West wrote and recorded the story of Dax, a young boy with a terminal illness.

WATCH   See the video of Matthew's Song "One More Christmas" (note: you may want a Kleenex before watching)

We started giving away Carmen's "Favorite Things" today~

SEE   Here's a picture of the gray scarf.

GET   Here's the "Favorite Things" list from the boutique in Bradenton where Carmen got the scarf.

LISTEN   Carmen knows what to get her husband Pete for a stocking stuffer: and he surprised her by liking this!

GET   Here's the website for Pete's favorite thing.