Highlights from Tuesday, Nov 30, 2010

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dave found the perfect devotional reading for our celebration of Christmas and for regular reading through the year.

LISTEN   Hear where it "got" Carmen.

READ   Here's the link to the book.

Addison Road, known for "Hope Now," "Fight Another Day" and other songs of encouragement, paid us a visitAddison Road this morning.

LISTEN   Hear Jenny, lead vocalist, tell the story of her husband Ryan's tentmaking abilities.

LISTEN   Check out why this band's own songs have "preached" to them during a very hard year.

SEE   Watch the video of "Hope Now."


Voyage posterChristmas preparations are underway, and that means different things for different people:

LISTEN   For Carmen, it means decorating the on-air studio (with hard-to-find ornaments)!

LISTEN   For Bill, it means a new Narnia movie!