Highlights from Monday, Nov 29, 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010

Dave, our resident scriptwriter, is taking last year's Sarasota Chrismas to Asia in a couple of weeks!

LISTEN   Here's his one request: Don't let it go as badly as preview night on Broadway for the musical version of Spiderman!

READ   Here's the NYP review, dismal as it is. 

Carmen spent her Thanksgiving weekend running and eating, notPaula Deen Mac Cheese necessarily in that order.

LISTEN   She's ready (almost) for the 5K she signed up for in December! This caller gives Carmen the mind-over-matter key to a run like this.

READ   Carmen knows why running is hard for so many of us, and so does General Patton!

LISTEN   Wow! Have you tried Paul Deen's recipe for macaroni and cheese?

COOK   Here it is!