Highlights from Wednesday, Nov 24, 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Since we hadn't heard early reports of the much-anticipated "National Opt-Out" travel stories, our minds turned elsewhere on this day before Thanksgiving:

LISTEN   Dave's parents celebrated their XX(??) anniversary yesterday.

LISTEN   Emilie, Dave's wife, straightened him out on the number!

Lots of cooking this season means more kitchen injuries, but Bill didn't wait for the holidays! He got his oven-burn early!

LISTEN   What happened to Bill is #5 on a list of the top five most common injuries that happen in the kitchen.

LISTEN   Even if you are disabled, depressed or down on your luck, you have reason to be thankful, so "cancel the pity-party" and count your blessings.

BONUS: Looking for how to make a cherpumple, that ridiculous cake-pie thing? Click here for step-by-step video instructions from the creator of the cherpumple.