Highlights from Thursday, Nov 18, 2010

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jennifer Smith started using at age 11. She was 31, fearing for her life, before she had a wake-up call, and it came in the form of a song:

LISTEN   Hear Jennifer's story!

LISTEN   Sometimes the beauty of a song grabs our attention when the world around us is at its darkest.

LISTEN   Hear how God can rescue from even the deepest addictions and abuse.

LISTEN   Jennifer--now Reverend Jennifer Smith--brings us up to speed on how her life has turned around to focus on reaching others on the street with God's love and mercy.

EXPERIENCE   Jennifer was headed to the Mercy Me show in Ocala. Click the link to find out about all three Mercy Me shows this weekend!

Oops! That slightly uneven hair, beard or moustache is bad enough, but Dave's youngest son looked in the mirror to find even more drastic results.

LISTEN   Hear what happened, and why you may see Daniel in a hat.