Highlights from Tuesday, Nov 16, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We talked yesterday about how good this stuff is: today, we sampled Pumpkin Pie ice cream, and we can tell you first-hand, we were right! pumpkin pie ice cream

LISTEN   Hear the Pumpkin Pie ice cream taste test.

SHARE   Read pumpkin recipes or share one of your own on Carmen's blog.

You got a malady? Looks like The Morning Cruise can empathize (well, not Dave... he can tell you when it's all in your imagination)

LISTEN   Dave is trying to stay healthy, but he's surrounded by reports of illness. 

LISTEN   This caller has an interesting use for Vicks. 

LISTEN   Carmen talks about her trip to the reflexologist, which helped her bounce back. 

LISTEN   These callers sprung to tell us about their experiences, while Dave and Bill remain skeptical.