Highlights from Monday, Nov 15, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

When Matthew West was here for The Story of Your Life tour, he got to pick up where he left off with a very special listener and friend.

LISTEN   Hear how Gregory got his due at the Clearwater concert.

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WATCH   See Matthew's performance on Fox & Friends After the Show Show! 

When Dave found this website, he thought it had Bill's name all over it (in Middle English, of course). save the words

VISIT   See what Dave found. You might like it too.

LISTEN   Carmen asked these callers to pit the excitement of old words over against hearing a new Chris Tomlin song.

LISTEN   We played the new Tomlin song, and WOW! We hardly had words for it (except Bill; he had a few choice ones)!

Despite the ribbing, Bill wasn't sore. But he was a bit bruised from the weekend at the soccer field.

LISTEN   If you've ever wanted to make that clutch play... and missed.