Highlights from Tuesday, Nov 09, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kat Davis is a record promoter who works with artists like Matt Maher and Audrey Assad. She also has been writing a daily devotion guide for years and just published The Daily Verse, a book that is filled with "short, simple, real-life" reflections for everyday encounters with God.

CONNECT   Get online devotional thoughts and a link to the new book.

LISTEN   Kat talks about how this devotional was born out of her real-world experience as an intern at a record company.

LISTEN   Carmen asked Kat to talk about her dad, who was not a follower of Christ until the end of his days, who still was used by God to teach Kat so much about her heavenly father.

LISTEN   The Daily Verse is interactive, written by an ordinary girl to share a journey with other ordinary people.

Carmen slaved over a hot crock pot last night in order to make good on her promise to make Dave chili "if Alabama loses to LSU."

LISTEN   And here's the taste test... (whoops!)

COOK   Get the recipes listeners submitted on Carmen's blog.