Highlights from Friday, Nov 05, 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Story of Your Life is taking Florida by storm, one amazing concert at a time. Last night opened four shows in The JOY FM listening community. Click here for tickets to the available shows.Today, Josh Wilson and Matthew West joined us live in Clearwater, the location of tonight's concert.

LISTEN   After re-living last night's show, Josh and Matthew swapped "life on the road with you" stories.

LISTEN   We found out Carmen actually appears on Josh's new record, playing... well, you Josh Wilson and Matthew West with The Morning Cruisehave to hear it to believe it.

LISTEN   At last night's concert, Matthew had a... let's see, what should we call it? A Carmen moment? A Lucy moment... a Cleveland moment? Anyway, some church someplace where there are hills appreciated it.

LISTEN   Matthew shared an amazing story and debuted a brand new Christmas song. (You really have to hear this story.

LISTEN   Listeners sent in questions on Facebook; we tossed a couple to Matthew.