Highlights from Thursday, Nov 04, 2010

Thursday, November 4, 2010

This cool weekend promises some good football games and maybe some good crock pot recipes! Dave and Carmen want to take advantage of both.

LISTEN   Whether the chili has beef or not depends on who wins: LSU or Alabama

SHARE   Carmen's blog is the place we're exchanging crock pot recipes.

Another false story targeting Christians is making its way around Facebook and e-mail forwards: Billy Graham did not march (roll) down Bourbon Street recently!

LISTEN   Dave and Bill expose this lie and lament the damage that results from propogating these false stories.

LEARN   Snopes.com is a great resource for exposing these urband legends and false reports. Check out their busting of the above story.

LOVE   Check out a REAL story from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association: a story of young love between Billy and his bride-to-be, Ruth, when they first met.

Since we're talking love stories, when we sit down with Josh Wilson on tomorrow's show, we'll undoubtedly ask him if he's written that romantic love song for his wife, Becca.

LISTEN   On the Summer Cruise, Becca told us why Josh hadn't written it yet.