Highlights from Monday, Nov 01, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

1-11-10 marks the kickoff for this year's T-Shirts for Turkeys! This afternoon, Dave, Bill and Carmen will be in Sarasota, Sebring and Ocala, respectively, to collect frozen turkeys and give away new t-shirts!

GET INFO   Here's the page with ALL this year's "turkey stops."

The Story of Your Life is the new record from Matthew West, featuring songs written from stories submitted by listeners and fans. Two of them are JOY FM listeners!

EXPERIENCE THE MOMENT   Here's the show where we surprised Joly and Rebecca with a personal debut of their songs, with Matthew West in our studio.

Voting is a right, privilege and duty for all able Americans. Dave and Bill encouraged people to vote in tomorrow's important mid-term election.

LISTEN   We wondered how new, young voters were responding to the negative campaign ads.

LISTEN   This girl works with teens; she says they are interested, but maybe not as excited as we were, voting in their first election.