Highlights from Friday, Oct 29, 2010

Friday, October 29, 2010

Carmen shared a personal story of her husband being de-friended by his niece, a girl that was practically part of the family, after he messaged her about her use of "less than classy" languge on Facebook updates.  We noted that de-friending someone now has personal and social implications.

LISTEN   Sometimes you're the de-friend-er, sometimes you're the de-friend-ed.

LISTEN   There can be good reason for wanting someone off your friend list.

LISTEN   If you want to keep a relationship, you might want to think before you de-friend someone who is irritating or inappropriate.

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The Story of Your LifeMatthew West brings The Story of Your Life to Ocala, Lakeland, Clearwater and Avon Park on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (next week). On Monday, you'll re-live the moment when he surprised two of our listeners in-person, in our studio, with the songs he wrote from their stories!

LISTEN   Already, "Broken Girl" has touched many lives, just like the songs he wrote for Joly and Rebecca.

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