Highlights from Wednesday, Oct 27, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

You'll have to check back for the pictures, but Bill thought he had identified an insect in his backyard that would be rare for this area. He took a picture, researched the species and sent the info to the UF Department of Entemology. Well, this morning he got a reply.

LISTEN   Hear the stinging conclusion to the buzz on Bill's hornet.

Mistaken identity can happen with people, too. In Dave's case, it was close to home:

LISTEN   Here's the story of Daniel's "left-handed witness" to a guy he found online that was in his favorite band.

We are the most connected generation of all-time, and it's KILLING our face-to-face conversations.

LISTEN   Carmen had a friend in town who refuses to get into a battle between a person and his iPhone.

LISTEN   These callers feel the tension between the virtual world and the real world (wonder if they called on their smartphones?)