Highlights from Thursday, Oct 14, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Would you believe THIS guy in a hiphop "bowlin'" vid?


That guy's label-mate, David Crowder, was the subject of a story about a note a friend of ours found on an old church altar in Tennessee.

LISTEN   Hear Dave's story about the note on the altar.

Is your home a place where faith is relevant and kids are passionate and articulate about their faith? Most Christian homes are NOT raising that type of teen.

LISTEN   Bill asked himself that question, based on a recent study and article. 

READ   Here's the article from CNN.com.

Dave likes to shoot straight, so crooked wall art drives him crazy! Still, when he saw the miners being rescued in Chile, he thought about the moon landing.

LISTEN  What's wrong with this picture?

SEE   Here's Dave's page, where you can see the picture.

LISTEN   Great minds think alike: Hear what these reporters thought about the Chilean mine rescue.