Highlights from Monday, Oct 04, 2010

Monday, October 4, 2010

At first we thought we had a rat. Now, we're sure of it! Today, we confronted the hummus/cereal burglar, and we caught him (he caught himself) red-pepper handed!

LISTEN   Here's the intervention. It didn't go too well.

WATCH   In this hard-hitting documentary video (Kris with a Flip vid), the burglar is caught in the act!

Carmen had football, cellphones and a Matthew West song on her mind:

WATCH   Did you see the end of the Tennessee-LSU game? What a finish!

LISTEN   Matthew West's song "Broken Girl" has some powerful encouragement for broken people.

The problem: a hard-boiled cellphone. The culprit: Lucy?

LISTEN   Hear this close-to-home story of Carmen's daughter Abbey's phone.