Highlights from Thursday, Sep 30, 2010

Wednesday and Thursday, September 29-30, 2010

Do you feel free in Christ, or does your faith increase a sense of rule-keeping and judgmentalism?  Carmen raised the question based on her own experiences and a little course-correction from an excellent Bible teacher:

LISTEN   Carmen acknowledged that grace-giving is not easy; legalism is easier, and all of us can be guilty of judging another by a false standard.

LISTEN  The message of grace is so freeing, as this caller testified!

LISTEN   A letter from a girl who grew up in church brought the matter close to home.

Dave spent a couple of days at his parents' home in Louisiana, attending the funeral of his aunt. He brought back some interesting stories and memories:

LISTEN   What's that smell? It's just mom's cooking, just like it used to be.

LISTEN    Stubborn can be a good thing, and the legacy another of Dave's aunts will leave is one of consistent service.

LISTEN    Dave became something of a salesman for the Kindle on this trip.

Did you hear about the latest survey on religious knowledge in America? (It was all over Twitter! Smile)

LISTEN   Bill thought the results were a wake-up call to believers.

LISTEN   This caller wondered where the questions came from.

TAKE IT   Here is the survey: 15 questions with an answer key.

LEARN   Here are some resources that will equip you to know your faith (and otherstand others) better.