Highlights from Monday, Sep 27, 2010

Monday, Sepember 27, 2010

Chris Tomlin gold party

Louie Giglio, Chris Tomlin's pastor and founder of the Passion movement, had to say goodbye to his mother over the weekend. But, as Carmen experienced, it was grieving with hope.

LISTEN    Hear the story of how that hope became a line in a Chris Tomlin song!

LISTEN   Chris received the gold (record) but gave the credit to others and the glory to God

Skype Dinner Party
Okay, this is somewhat new to us... a Skype dinner party! Check out the picture (right), posted by New Zealander and JOY FM artist Brooke Fraser.

LISTEN   Have you ever seen this before?

LEARN   If you're not up to speed on Skype, click the link.

We mentioned the Passion. Live. From Atlanta. You can be part of a webcast called P2011 Live Link wherever you are!

LINK   Get the link and info and join in the Passion Atlanta event!