Highlights from Friday, Sep 24, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

Carmen said she was on a short, 24-hour trip to Atlanta for the "Chris Tomlin deal." Then she said something about singing at his wedding...

LISTEN   Needless to say, Dave and Bill were... puzzled.

LISTEN   We finally caught up with her and got the REAL deal!

Note: Monday morning you'll hear the rest of the story and share in the emotional moments Carmen experienced in paying tribute to Louie Giglio's mother.

Dave's son Daniel has a job. Wait! No, he doesn't until after the background check is finished. No problem, right?

LISTEN  Hard to believe, but it seems it was a do-it-yourself background check.

LISTEN  There is a silver lining to this dark pile of red tape, says this caller.

Fair food is a delicacy to some, a pending heart-attack to others, but if youkrispy kreme burger make a list, don't leave off the staples!

LISTEN   (Not literal staples, although if they could be covered with chocolate and fried, they'd probably be on the list.)

LISTEN  Not that there's anything wrong with that, this caller says from experience.