Highlights from Wednesday, Sep 15, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Carmen talked to us from Guatemala this morning, wanting to share thechildren in guate slum "unplanned" experience of meeting children who live under an overpass near Guatemala City. 

LISTEN   Hear a tired but tenderhearted Carmen describe the experience. 

Note: Carmen references "Buckner," the name of the ministry that hosts our shoe drive, and "Amed," the in-country Buckner director.  

READ   See the pictures of where she was and read about who she met. 

Dave brought up reality TV shows and Kris P. Kreme's previously hidden desire to be a contestant on one of them: Wipeout.

LISTEN   This caller confirms it (though she wouldn't do it herself).

LISTEN   But is this reality show really right for Kris?

Speaking of obstacles...

LISTEN   Dave's reference to an old joke makes an joke out of old Bill's attempts to fix a roof-vent.

LISTEN   Bill gives teachers some props, especially with all the obstacles they now have to overcome just to teach!