Highlights from Tuesday, Sep 14, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First, do you know what a malapropism is? Kris P. Kreme, armed with his Droid, thinks he does. Funny thing is, when Dave and Bill called him on it, nobody caught us in the act...

LISTEN   Kris gets an intervention, disregardless.

LISTEN   Iridescent of the gravity of the situation, this caller wanted us to keep things light.

Dave and Bill are "beta testing" the new Kindle reader to see if we, both avid readers, like it or hate it. The "competition" is making us both better!

LISTEN   The tide has turned since yesterday's weigh-in! What happened? Competition!

LISTEN   This professor-mom agrees that competition, within reason, can be good.

Please join us in prayer for a young man in critical condition in Kiev.

LISTEN   Bill detailed this special prayer request.

CARE   Now you can keep up with Trevor's situation on Facebook.